Traffic shapping slow down my captive portal

  • Hello there,

    In Pfsense 2.0.3, i've got 1 Wan and a Vlan for my dhcp client.

    For my traffic shapping , i run the wizard with the P2P catch all.

    The issue is that my login page go to the P2P Queue because is the default queue…so the login page load very slow.

    So i created floating rules with port 8000 and adress of my pfsense's boxes on my higher queue but the traffic goes always to the P2P Queue.

    What i do wrong ? ;D



  • Hi,

    i search in the forum if i mistake some tips but i found no answer of my problem.

    Anyone use traffic shapping with portal captive here ?

    So i don't know if i do wrong or is a bug on pfsense.

    Best regards.

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