Squid in Transparent Mode Just Hangs

  • I had Squid and SquidGuard working perfectly for the past month, and then I made the intelligent decision to clear up all previous history so that my reports would start clean at the beginning of March (we were kind of in beta previously with our pfSense rollout).  I read a blurb that said to stop Squid, then do an rm-r /var/squid/cache, then squid -z, then restart Squid.  What I ended up with was a non-working proxy server that would reach out to website but never come back and display anything.  Disabling Transparent Proxy made the web work again.  I thought I would remove both Squid and SquidGuard and then reinstall them.  Same problem.  I then removed both packages and then SSH in and manually delete the /var/squid and /var/squidGuard dirs.  Reinstall both and same problem.  Now I'm starting to wonder if there is corruption somewhere, but I have no idea where to look.  How do you toally blow Squid and SquidGuard away so taht a reinstall doesn't come up with all my old settings that were saved away somewhere.

  • Digging further, the problem seems to be that Squid is having trouble talking to HAVP, which is no longer installed:

    2014/03/10 09:07:43| TCP connection to havp ( failed
    2014/03/10 09:07:43| TCP connection to havp ( failed
    2014/03/10 09:07:43| Detected DEAD Parent: havp

    So, how to unhook HAVP from Squid?

  • I fixed my problem by installing HAVP.  Not ideal, but at least it's working now.

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