Migrating from ios

  • hi,
    wonderfull product for home, but now i want to use it on a "real" network.

    0)the situation is very simple :

    i ve a class C public net ( ;
    I use NAT and PAT on :MyCisco in the lab which forward to anoter cisco :CampusRtr

    NIC_in:                    NIC_out:
    -      ___________  -                ___________
    -  |          |                            |          |
    –------------| MyCisco  |----------------------------| CampusRtr |-----
                  ||                -||

    on MyCisco i've the 2 NIC (in = my lan; out = interco lan):

    -NIC_in which is declared as, , and
    (i ve subnetted 10. with /9 in order to have a "vlan of the poor" :-})

    -NIC_out which is declared as and connected directly to CampuRtr

    -NIC_in is making "ip nat inside" in fact it translate:
    a subset of,
    another subset of (which all are defined by ranges)
    to one(s) of my public ip adresses ( for 10.0 and for 10.128): 
    It is two PAT .

    -NIC_in is making NAT translation 1:1 for my public servers (WWW,SMTP,…)

    So on the lan i ve got private address 10. and public one 193.48.0.

    1)I ve seen in the doc/forum that i can not put 2 IP adresses for LAN NIC in pfsense.
    But in my previous config i ve got 2 subnets on the same NIC so how can i solve this problem ?
    (putting 2 card on pfsense machine?)

    2)In  fact i want to use redundancy an replace the "MyCisco" with 2 pfsense and carp,
    i ve seen in the doc it is possible. But The CampusRtr NIC i see is a virtual one using vrrp,
    as using carp is a virtual solution too, is there any recommendation about that implementation
    and is it compatible (vrrp in front of carp)?

    Many, many thanks in advance
    And sorry for my poor english:-}

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