Boot hangs while processing bootstrap loader

  • Hi,

    i tried to install the embedded image on a 128meg cf card.

    The system is an old 233MMX with 128megs of RAM (and for installing purposes a vga+keyboard), nevertheless running the m0n0 with that config was absolutely no problem.

    After i burned the cf by using phydiskwrite with no errors, i put the card into the cf-ide-adaptor.
    Booting resulted in a halt while loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf.
    I tried the stable 1.0.1 version also the 1.2RC3, everytime the same error.

    It shouldn't be a problem of accessing the cf-drive, it could be read til that loader.conf

    Didn't find any similar in this forum, would be thankful for any help or ideas …


    The embedded version does not have any VGA output. Connect and configue per Serial port.

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