Dummynet tweaks problem

  • So i was messing around with the dummynet settings and noticed something.  If i put them in the system tunable tab, it makes the changes but as soon as i reboot the machine it wont pick up the modified setting.  If i put them in /boot/loader.conf file it wont load it from there either when i reboot.

    Using 2.1.1-PRERELEASE (amd64)
    built on Tue Feb 25 08:50:01 EST 2014

  • try /boot/loader.conf.local instead of /boot/loader.conf

  • Didn't work either.  The only thing i can think of is that dummynet is getting loaded after the loader.conf file and reverting back to default values

  • Banned

    So what are you putting there? And what is shown by sysctl -a ?

  • Oh i should of said it sooner.  The ones i am changing are


    i change the pipe size to 3145728 and the hash size to 1024, when i reboot the machine they always go back to default.

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