Issue Routing Certain Ports

  • Hello,
    I'm coming from a Cisco environment and am new to PFSense, so please forgive this question, if it is basic. I have created two VLANs:

    VLAN A (Cameras) - 192.168.1.X /24
    VLAN B (Systems) - 192.168.2.X /24

    From VLAN B, I am able to get web interfaces (Port 80) and RDP connections (3389) for devices on VLAN A, the problem is trying to get the Camera NVR application connected to the NVR from a system on VLAN B, using port 38889. Port 38889 is the standard port for this software and when putting in the IP address of the NVR, the application tries to connect and then says that it is unable to find the server (RDP connection works fine). Is there only a range of ports that are allowed by default, and anything outside of that range needs to be manually allowed?

    In short:
    Connecting from VLAN B to VLAN A using ports 80 and 3389 (and others, I'm assuming) works great.
    Connecting from VLAN B to VLAN A using port 38889 fails and I am unsure why.

    Any assistance is appreciated.

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