Simple lan setup issue.

  • Hello,

    Below is my current network, i'm hoping this will give you a good idea of how my network is configured!

    DSL Modem –> WAN, connected with pfSense PPPOE config (pfSense box)

    LAN (pfSense box) –> Switch

    Switch –-> pc A

    –-> pc B

    –-> pc C

    –-> Wireless Router (LAN) / (Wireless Broadcast)

    Wireless Router  –-> laptop a

    –-> laptop b

    –-> pc

    My problem is anything in 192.168.1.x cannot see anything in 192.168.3.x, but 3.x can see 1.x.

    If i was to put a 3rd nic into pfsense box for the Wireless Router to plug into (i'm assuming this would make it easier solve the problem above or be it the only way) how would I configure pfSense to make sure each PC can see each other?


  • This is an issue with your wireless router not with pfSense.

    I assume your wireless-router is a standard cheap AccessPoint that does NAT.
    Every connection created from withing the WLAN subnet looks like it comes from the router itself (in your case
    If you can set your wireless router into a mode so it is a bi-directional router (not NATing or NATing inbound too) you can create on the pfSense a static route that points your WLAN subnet to
    But a normal WLAN-router cannot do that.

    Does your WLAN router have an integrated switch (some AP's have a RJ45 connector called LAN) ?
    If yes disable the DHCP on the AP and connect this LAN to the pfSense.
    Or if the AP can set it into bridging mode.
    Like this you eliminate the 192.168.3.x subnet and move everything to the 192.168.1.x subnet.

  • Ok GruensFroeschli, i'll give that a try. the wireless router, is actually a "Fon" modded with dd-wrt firmware if helps you give me any more info.

    I should be able to use the bridge option within the dd-wrt firmware.


  • fon what?


    Basically, one lan, and one wireless point. but running dd-wrt.

  • Yes if found that page too.
    There are 3 types of fon hardware: FON2100, FON2200 and FON2201

    But i also found that the LAN (on FON2201) is not working on DD-WRT.

    This is really an issue with your DD-WRT.
    I never really had any experience with it. So maybe you better post on the DD-WRT Forum on how to bridge the WLAN to the Ethernet connector or how to disable the NAT (so it only routes) or how to brig it to NAT inbound.

  • Yeh, i used to run a linux box with shorewall and had the same issue, I know its nothing to do with pfSense.

    Thanks for the help.

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