SIP trunk multi wan state not flushed - issues - Solution?

  • Hi,

    about the issues of no flushing states on WAN IP change , on PFsense 2.1-RELEASE, after some searching around the forum, using precious information on the topic:

    but not working in version 2.1 ("afterfilterchangeshellcmd" not working in config.xml anymore) , I find a "home made" solution working on the code and using one script as in the topic I said before, so:

    Create a script in /usr/local/bin named:"" ( or as you want ) :

    sleep 5
    /sbin/pfctl -k VoipPBXorDevice_IP

    Modified adding line 148:


    My network configuration is :
    2 WAN (ADSL)
    1 LAN (local home network)

    with a mixed load balance and failover(only voip) configuration and sticky connections enabled.

    Now my PBX ( based on freepbx-asterisk ) is working good and, looking at the states, when my WAN lines goes down&up everything about  my PBX is cleared correctly.

    It seems that default PFsense flushing is not enough but only killling them with pfctl is ok.

    This is my case , hope that it can help anyone .

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