PROBS: HA setup (carp) with uplink failover and SIP-traffic not switching uplink

  • Hi All

    I have the problem that SIP-traffic ist not changing the gateway after one uplink is not available anymore.

    The setup is as following:
    Two pfsense 2.0.2 with 6 Interfaces (WAN1, WAN2, DMZ, int1, int2, sync) setup with CARP.
    Two Uplinks with fixed IP-networks.
    One WAN-Group (one Uplink Tier1 the other Tier2)
    Manual Outbound-NAT:

    • one rule for each uplink for internal network with the virtual-CARP-IP as NAT-IP and using the Gateway-Group

    • a special UDP Rule from internal network for each uplink with the same virtual-CARP-IP as NAT-IP but with static ports for SIP and also using the gateway-group

    With that setup the following is working fine:

    • normal email and web traffic works with failover of the two pfsense

    • SIP phones (with one provider) working fine also in case of failover

    • Uplink failover works for normal TCP traffic! Every client is using the backup-gateway and the other NAT-IP[\li]

      The only thing wich is not working:
      In case of a uplink failover the SIP-phone will not follow to the Tier2 Uplink Gateway!

      I tried to log the FW-rule (internal-SIP-phone, UDP -> any) to see whats going on but I can't see any registration with that rule at all (not even the working case with the Tier1 Uplink!).
      But in the state-table I can see that the SIP-phone has opened the correct static port to the sip registrar.

      The phone is configured to reregister after 2 minutes. So in case of an failover it should reregister after that time.
      But it's dead afterwords and I can't see a new(or changed) state with the failover NAT-IP.

      Has someone an idea why I can't see someting logged in the FW-rule with the UDP-traffic regarding SIP-traffic and why only the SIP-traffic is somehow not using the second gateway of the Gateway-Group?

      I would be very glad to hear any comment or ideas to that?!

      Best regards

  • Same problem here…

    Any ideas?  8)

  • We upgraded to 2.1.5.
    If I am right there was something about that in the version-info.
    With the new version it works because they changed things in the behavior on CARP failover regarding to deleting states.

    Best regards

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