How to Reset All Monitoring Data?

  • I have an instance of pfSense 2.1 that I have been playing with and configuring.  Now that I'm ready to put it into production, I want to know how to reset all the metrics taht have accumulated over the past few weeks:


    How do you clear them?  At least RRD Graphs has a user button to reset the data.

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    I'm not sure if you can do that, but you can always save the conf file and rebuilt the box fairly quickly.

  • I'm certainly sure that you can.  When you remove these packages and then reinstall them, all the old data is still there.  The data is separate from the package, and can be blown away.  I just need to know what, and where.

  • pfSense Support is the bomb:

    Uninstall all monitors, delete their data directories then reinstall:

    Lightsquid: rm -rf /var/lightsquid/
    Sarg: rm -rf /usr/local/sarg-reports/
    Bandwidthd: rm -rf /usr/local/bandwidthd
    Darkstat: Doesn't keep persistent data

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