Need Help In Configuration of Pfsense

  • Hi Team

    I am new user to the Pfsense , I need help in configuration of pfsense, my network is as follow:-

    ISP>>>Router (DHCP)>>>>Win 7 64 bit>>>>virtual box>>>win7(VM), Win xp(VM) and Pfsense.(VM) ( Connected as internal network in virtual box named LAB)

    WAN interface is em0 which gets ip from my router network and Lan interface of Pfsense is

    By checking  forum i was able to access the pfsense from WAN interface ) on port 553 (enabled in HTTPS and firewall)
    VM are able to ping each other, pfsense and  host network (

    my problem is that i am not able to ping or access any VM  from my host machine or from Network
    Please Assist !!!!

  • i bet both vm are behind NAT on th pfsense. if you want to access both windows vm from your host, set port forwarding rule on pfsense to forward remote desktop session. you should use different wan dest port.

  • Thanks for the Reply JSWJ

    I have tried that i am able to do the RDP on the VM by forwarding the port 3389, but the other computers in my network are not able to ping the VM and regarding the NAT they are in internal network created in virtual box named LAB and all of them are connected to the same network.
    i require configuration in which VM on my other computer (Laptop) can connect to those VM in my Master computer(Desktop)

    Thanks and Regards

  • just like i have mentioned, the pfsense WAN is NAT'ed, therefore you won't be able to ping the vm behind it.

    imagine a computer at your home that was behind NAT firewall modem, you can't ping the computer from your office… :) ... not without some configuration which i believe there are pro and cons.

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