HAVP + Squid + SquidGuard = Slow??

  • I'm getting terrible performance with the above config.  HAP is the parent to Squid.  I have Transparent mode currently disabled while I test so that my users don't mutiny.  With no proxy set in the browser, pages load instantly on our 90Mbps symmetrical link.  When I enable the proxy, it's a good 15 seconds before the page even appears to load, and at least 20 seconds to get it all.  If I disable the proxy, page loads are instantaneous again.  The pfsense instance has lots of CPU and RAM to spare.  I tried disabling Squid caching without any change.

  • Solved my own problem again by getting rid of HAVP.

  • I too had a lot of latency (mostly video - Netflix/Youtube) when running HAVP and Squid… same later with Squid3.  After reading thread after thread on this issue and trying everything I could in setup, child/parent config and parameter changes, my solution was also to just remove HAVP.

    Is this just a problem with the way HAVP works or is there still a problem?  Does anyone have HAVP working and quick response to streaming video?


  • As it turns out, HAVP was a red herring.  My Squid + SquidGuard config is still dog-slow, just faster than when HAVP was in the mix.  I haven't been able to get any help anywhere else so I've put in a support request.

  • So the problem was PEBCAK, as usual.  At some point, I had changed the pfSense DNS Forwarder binding from Localhost to LAN (Services - DNS Forwarder - Interfaces).  In this configuration, all of pfSense is slow, so the slowness of Squid was just a symptom of the main problem.  HAVP definitely added a layer of goo to the problem, but it was the DNS binding that was the real culprit.

  • Hi,
    I made the changes in Dns Forwarders, but without any good results, the pages are still slow opening. Any advice ?
    Thank you

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