New to Pfsense

  • i am going to order a pfsense box and was wanting to make sure it would do what i am wanting

    I have a 50 meg time warner connection and a 18 meg uverse connection

    I would like to do load balancing/failover whihc i know the box will do

    WHat i would like to know is how say my ipad or droid phone can access my internal ip cameras when offsite

    RIght now the cameras are hooked to timewarner only and i use homingbeacon to keep my ip address updated on my address

    so to get to a camera i type and the port number and i get my camera.  How would that work in failover/load balancing with the 2 combined

    what would i put into the camera software so it knows how access the internal ports

  • Put the cameras on the inside network of pfSense (LAN) and port forward the port/s from both WAN1 and WAN2 to the cameras on LAN.
    Make a Gateway Group with WAN1 Tier1, WAN2 Tier2 - CameraFailover - (swap tier 1 and tier 2 to whichever WAN you want to be normally used for the cameras)
    In Services->Dynamic DNS pick CameraFailover as the interface.
    Then when WAN1 goes down, pfSense will change that DNS name to the WAN2 IP address.
    Whenever you connect remotely to the name, it should resolve to one of your public IP addresses that is up and forwarding to the camera.

  • Okay I understand that but what i dont quite understand is how the will be kept correct since my public ips can change not often but they do from time to time so i would still need to run homingbeacon or something to keep the dynaic dns updated but if you run that on an internal computer it seems it oculd change that ip address constantly??

    maybe i would be better off to leave the cameras and cable modem as is running off the cable modem internal router so i know that works and jsut hook one of the outputs of the cable modem to the pfsense router and the dsl to the other wan port and only hook the pc that i really want failover on unless im  over complicating the port forwarding

  • pfSense monitors when WANs go down and up, and takes action to "failover" various features that support being attached to a gateway group. Dynamic DNS is one of those. By "failover" for Dynamic DNS, it means the IP address of the Dynamic DNS name is updated with the provider to equal the public IP address of the highest tier gateway that is up. There is pfSense code to do all that, you do not have to "homingbeacon" or any other thing on a client behind pfSense.

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