Squid3 -Problem with configuration for authenticated users

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to replicate on a new PFSense box the settings I have on a linux box running Squid. On the linux box I have:

    acl PROXIED dstdomain .domain.com .domain.org .whatsmyip.org
    http_access allow radius-auth PROXIED
    http_access deny all
    cache deny all

    Basically, it allows users to connect from Internet to the proxy and, once authenticated, to navigate proxied (without cache).

    I'm not able to replicate the same configuration in PFSense. I tried to copy and paste the above  lines in "General - Custom options", but PFSense complains that "ACL name 'radius-auth' not found"
    On the ACL page, I wasn't able to find the right combination to restrict to authenticated users the domains in "whitelist".  Any hint would be welcome, I'm totally newbye to PFSense!

    Thank you

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