Co-Branding PFSense

  • Hello,

    We are a service provider looking to use PFSense to provide managed firewall services to our clients.  We wouldn't sell the software or hardware, but we'd be managing the systems and providing firewall as a service.

    Are there any restrictions or legal issues with doing this?  Can we replace the PFSense logo with our own?  Can we remove some or all references to PFSense?

    Also, if we'd like to support you guys, how can we do that?  If we have multiple installations of PFSense, can we purchase some support hours, or is there another plan intended for this (I see that there used to be a "reseller plan," but it is no more.


  • i'd suggest you get in touch with Electric sheep fencing (the company that handles pfSense core-development)

    they can point you in the right direction with regards to legal and or rebranding support

  • Netgate Administrator

    ^ Exactly. The re-seller arrangement is currently being revised I believe so there's not much info on the website. Just contact ESF directly, I'm sure they can sort you out.


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