Pfsense through proxy

  • Good day. I have a problem.

    I'm using as proxy server ISA 2000. I'm trying to get packages for pfsense though it. Point is pfsense can't connect to own server saying:

    Unable to communicate with Please verify DNS and interface configuration, and that pfSense has functional Internet connectivity.

    I've checked and double checked proxy and other settings in pfsense. On ISA ip and user is allowed to go though it with maximum rights. Pfsense can see (i.e. ping) ISA proxy server. Checked same settings, while installing Debian (just to be sure it's not user's rights) and it managed to get updates through proxy.

    Can you point me in direction on what should I check?

    Sadly I can't connect pfsense directly to internet w/o proxy.

  • I am having the same problem. I am using pfSense on a lab network that needs to go through a proxy to reach the packages on Is there a way to configure this in pfSense?

  • Proxy settings are on the System->Advanced Misc page.

    The OP, might check and make sure HTTPS is working through the proxy.

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