3500+ ms in ping command

  • My server PC has two NICs, one goes to DSL modem and the other to a switch hub where 15 diskless PCs are also connected. Pfsense is running under Oracle VMware. I'm running a net cafe.

    The weird thing is, everything is fine (or I haven't yet noticed something) until it's closing time where I turn off the switch hub and VMware. I'm getting an intermittent 3500+ ms in the ping command (windows key + R –> ping www.youtube.com -t). This also means I get frequent lag time when playing games like dota and it's game-breaking.

    Just for clarification, here are my static IP setup:

    DSL modem:
    pfsense LAN: (no gateway)
    pfsense WAN: (gateway =
    server PC WAN: auto
    server PC LAN: (gateway =
    diskless PCs: -

    edit: server PC running under win7.

  • If pfSense runs on VMware, and you turn off VMWare, how do you route the internet then?

    Is your PC then directly connected to DSL?

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