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  • I originally posted this in the Firewalling section, which–since I didn't get any responses--perhaps was not the right section.  I know cross-posting is normally frowned upon, but I'm hoping that you'll overlook this indeiscretion.

    One of the guys in my office has a Vonage phone that he wants to use.  He has it hooked up and it works "sometimes," but sometimes he'll make or receive a call and get no audio.

    I've seen some discussion of Vonage here, but I haven't been able to piece together everything that I need to do in order to make it work.

    As it stands, the phone adapter is hooked to the network with a static IP address of  I have a multi-WAN setup, and I've created a firewall rule on the LAN side that says all traffic from should be routed to one of the three static WAN addresses.  But I don't know where to go from there.

    Vonage help says the following:

    Ports used by Vonage Adapters
    The following ports are needed for OUTGOING internet communications from the Vonage device to the Vonage servers:
    DNS: Port 53 UDP
    TFTP: Port 21, 69, 2400 UDP
    HTTP: Port 80 UDP
    NTP: Port 123 UDP
    SIP: Port 5061 UDP (used for older Vonage devices provisioned before 2005)

    The following ports are needed for INCOMING and OUTGOING internet communications from and to Vonage devices and servers:
    RTP (Voice) Traffic: Ports 10000-20000 UDP

    Do I have to set up individual routing or firewall rules for each of those ports/ranges?

    Anybody have quick and easy instructions that a relative newbie can follow to get this Vonage phone running?

    Thanks for the help.


  • It's not a firewall rule you have to setup to make your adapter use always the same connection, you have to manually create a NAT Table for this IP address, see the NAT configuration page and the "Outgoing" tab.

    This is probably your problem, the load balancing try to swing the connection from WAN to WAN, but get blocked by the firewall 2/3 of the time.

    You shouldn't have to create firewall rule to allow communication to Vonage, as long as you have a rule that Allow any connection from lan to WAN.

    Give the outgoing NAT a try, I can't help you more than than I never played with outgoing NAT I always used Automatic, because I only have one WAN.

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