Cannot telnet over network with pfsene

  • I have a network setup with devices that I have to telnet into. Its a simple /24 network and I know that PFsense is doing something to block port 23 or something because if I go to

    System > Advanced > Firewall/NAT > Disable all packet filtering

    and put a check mark on this checkbox (and disable the firewall) I can telnet just fine. Again I am only telnetting to devices in my network which is all with a /24 network

    Trying to telnet from > It works fine with firewall disabled. I am not aware and cant find the right info I need to fix this. Please help me out here thanks!

    PS I know that telnetting isnt super secure but thats the only option these devices allow me to use and this is a very private network. Please let me know what to try, thanks!

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    You'd better send a crystal ball… Alternatively, post the firewall configuration screenshots after making sure you have NOT checked "Block private networks" in your LAN configuration.

    P.S. There's also this wonderful Status - System Logs - Firewall thing that shows you what's blocked by what rule.

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    "Trying to telnet from >"

    And why would pfsense be involved in this traffic??  Are you bridging interfaces?  WHY would be my first question ;)

    Traffic on the same segment doesn't go through pfsense in a normal setup.  Only if you were bridging interfaces could this happen.

    As requested already - give us something to work with any be happy to help you. Lets see your firewall rules for starters..

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