PfSense Memory Reporting

  • I asked this question over at Server Fault, but since its one that not a lot of people probably deal with, I thought I'd post here as well.

    I have a box onto which I just installed pfSense 2.1. The box has 16GB of RAM and is a quad-core processor (yeah, we're planning on doing some serious traffic and using a proxy filter with a lot of clients).

    The BSD shell is reporting correctly that 16GB of RAM is installed:

    dmesg | grep memory
    real memory = 17179869184 (16384 MB)
    avail memory = 2604027904 (2483 MB)

    My assumption here is that BSD reports memory usage much the same way as other Unix systems - the machine has gone ahead and "reserved" almost 14GB of RAM, which is why only 2GB is reported as available.

    The confusion:
    On the pfSense dashboard, it's only reporting the Available Memory, beside "Memory Usage" in the System Information Widget:

    Memory usage 10% of 2534 MB

    This concerns me. I need pfSense to see all 16GB of RAM, so that I can give an appropriate amount to the proxy content filter (SquidGuard).

    Is this something to worry about? Why or why not? If it is something to worry about, how do I fix it?

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    It would help to install the proper image, i.e. NOT i386 one.

  • Of course! Heh… I have way too many images of pfSense floating around on my computer, and I'm too used to installing it onto embedded machines with very little memory. smacks self on head

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