VIP traffic routing from WAN on PPPoE

  • Hi,

    I've recently changed to using PPPoE directly on the firewall WAN interface rather than having an upstream router (that was mine) and the FW having a static IP.

    This issue "may" have been occurring previously, but if so I never noticed it!

    I have a static IP and a routed /29 subnet from my ISP

    When I ping a VIP from on the LAN interface (or from the FW Diagnostics), the traffic is passed to the gateway IP assigned by the PPPoE connection and is then reflected back to the WAN interface

    where X.Y.1.91 is a VIP on the FW
    and X.Y.12.68 is the GW given by PPPoE
    and X.Y.28.117 is the IP given by PPPoE

    Ping output:
    PING X.Y.1.91 (X.Y.1.91): 56 data bytes
    36 bytes from (X.Y.12.68): Redirect Host(New addr: X.Y.28.117)
    Vr HL TOS  Len   ID Flg  off TTL Pro  cks      Src      Dst
     4  5  00 0054 1b67   0 0000  40  01 995f X.Y.28.117  X.Y.1.91

    Do I need to add some form of static route ?

    Is this related to  Bug #3331 (Rules to pass out traffic for Proxy ARP VIP entries have an incorrect destination)

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