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  • Hello All, total NooB here and need help and guidance, so please be kind…

    We have a server currently as our firewall (Lightspeed TTC 8) that is going away this summer here in the district.

    I am trying to setup a new Firewall/FreeRADIUS server for us to use. I sometimes think I am getting somewhere only to be hit with proverbial Wall.

    I have the server sitting next to me in my office hooked to the network. I have installed PFSense onto the hard drive and have been trying like hell to get the system to work with FreeRADIUS and our HP wireless I have in my office.

    I do not know if the firewall is functional at all due to the fact the WAN and LAN ip's are both internal.

    I guess I am scratching my head and wishing for a PFSense for Dummies book about now. I am usually pretty sharp on learning something new and getting it setup but this one has me stumped.

    Some questions I have:

    1. Can I setup the PFSense box like I have it (both nic's internal), or do I disable the WAN?

    2. Are there some Video's/How To's out there somewhere that have been created that can show a step by step on setting this up from install, to firewall start to finish and then the FreeRADIUS setup.

    3. I REALLY need to get this working and I am just about to start drinking before Noon.....Should I dump what I have and start from scratch? And if I do what is the proper way to setup the box here next to me so when I put it into service all I have to do is a few setup changes and it is working, (make sense?)

    I really hope someone can help me out and give me shove, push or hit in the head in the right direction.

    This looks to be a really great and powerful software, but my brain goes blank the minute I stare at the web console.

    Thanks again for your patience in this matter and any help in the basics.


  • you should be able to set it up internally and have it function.  I often build new PFsense boxes WAN interface to on my internal network, and then later they are put on the Internet WAN side.  I just always make sure to pick a completely separate subnet for the PFSense Internal interface that what would be picked up via DHCP.  Then just connect your PC to the PFsense LAN port.

    PS I am pretty green to PFsense as well, but I have been using one for a couple years at home.

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