2 way routing through one interface

  • My question is multi-fold.

    I just got a Leased line from a company via fibre.  I thought it would be a switched connection, but come to find out, it's routed.  The ISP has Cisco 1800's at each of my sites, routing all my local traffic between the sites.  At one of my sites I also got a dedicated internet link - separate connection.  What would be the best setup for this?

    Attached is my current setup.  I'm planning on routing internet out through BZE via the, out through the public IP.  This same interface (.251.2) also will route my local traffic between the branches.  Is this an acceptable way of routing these networks and internet?  Or should I request a VLAN to route all internet traffic through that only?

    If this is acceptable, what rules to I enter in BZE to route internet out from the other sites?

    Another question I have is about the privacy.  How private are these links?  Should I VPN my traffic?  I have sensitive data going between sites, but not classified.  My main application is binary TCP communication, but not encrypted.


    ![Network Diagram1.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Diagram1.jpg)
    ![Network Diagram1.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Network Diagram1.jpg_thumb)

  • Try this?
    echo 200 isp2 >> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables
    ip rule add from <interface_ip>dev ppp0 table isp2
    ip route add default via <gateway_ip>dev ppp0 table isp2
    The above doesn't require any packet marking with ipfilter. It works because the outgoing (reply) packets will have the IP address that was originally used to connect to the 2nd interface as the source (from) address on the outgoing packet.Got some question,you can feel free to conntact me: dong@huanetwork.com</gateway_ip></interface_ip>

  • Forgive me if I missed it… I understand this is a routing question, but where is PFsense located?.  I only see routers and switches...you may want to direct your question towards the Cisco forums (https://supportforums.cisco.com/)

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