Share available bandwidth and limit under load per IP?

  • Hi,

    I'm researching a traffic shaper setup for a school for several days now, but are totaly confused, what and how to set it up to achive the following.
    Would anybody be so kind and help me out on this?

    WAN (DSL 16000/1000)


    • The LAN should always get as much bandwidth as it needs with an upper limit of 10000/625
    • All the WLANs should share the rest of the bandwidth 6000/375 and be able to get any bandwidth which is available from LAN
    • In the WLAN_TEACHERS are two internet radios which should get a fixed guaranteed bandwidth to assure a constant playback of the streams
    • All other IPs in any of the WLANs should share any available bandwidth evenly

    Is this doable at all?
    I read that the only way to limit traffic on IP basis is to use limiters. But then it would not be possible to get available bandwdith from other queues.

    Could anybody suggest a config for that?
    Or perhaps a config which comes close?

    Any input is highly apreciated.


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