Codel traffic shaping / Queue adding possible at all?

  • Hi,

    how does the Codel traffic shaper work? Every time I select it in the gui, I cannot add any queues any more. In addition already added queues vanish.
    If I select Codel in a hsfc queue under "Scheduler options" it is not saved.
    Has anybody worked out how this works?

    Best regards,

    I now tried to add queues manualy, it is not working at all!
    I used the wizzard to create a base configuration (HFSC), then I wanted to add a queue with extra low priority for the syncronisation of two serve.
    After adding it with "Add new queue", changing the values to:

    Queue Name: qServerSync
    Priority: 0
    Scheduler options: Explicit Congestion Notification
    Bandwidth 100Kbit
    Service Curve (sc):  Link: m2 100Kb

    I saved the queue with save. Afterwards it just vanished, I cannot see it anywhere under "Firewall: Traffic Shaper". Any idea?

    I am using 2.1-RELEASE 64Bit

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