LightSquid Removing Traffic From Previous Days

  • Hello,

    Since moving up to pfSense 2.1, I've had an issue with LightSquid. It will show the traffic for the current day, but any previous day's traffic will show at a very reduced level.

    Main Screen

    Day Report

    The main screen only shows two days worth of traffic because I recently completely removed LightSquid. It was running yesterday and by the end of the day there was around 3 or 4GB of traffic. But now it's showing almost none.

    Squid logs are set to rotate at 21 days.

  • After removing LightSquid and installing Sarg, it looks like Sarg is having the same issue. This makes me think that it's squid itself that is having the problem. Besides setting the log rotation, is there anything else that needs to be set in order for LightSquid and Sarg to generate reports accurately?

  • Looks like the issue was with Squid. Setting my log rotation to blank instead of 28, LightSquid and Sarg are showing more than one day's worth of traffic.

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