LAGG setup and VLANs

  • I am a new to LAGG.

    I am trying to lag two LAN ports for load balancing using VLANs.

    I do not see "members" in the pull down menu (attached). Am I supposed to do something before I start LAGG configuration? All ports are enabled in pfSense.

    My switch is VLAN capable, but may not be compatible to link aggregation. Would it be a problem if I connect LAN cables from two ports on pfSense to one single switch? Ports on the switch will be configured as tag VLANs.

    Thank you very much.

  • Note:
    LAGG allows for link aggregation, bonding and fault tolerance. Only unassigned interfaces can be added to LAGG.

    so basically, you need to un-assign the interfaces before you can add them to a LAG.
    this might be difficult, because you are probably using atleast one of them as your current LAN.
    AFAIK you could just un-assign 1 to start the LAGG , get it up and running with 1 member; connect to THAT and unassign the "LAN' and add that as a LAGG member afterwards.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    heper is on the right track.

    If they are both assigned, unassign one, add it to a new lagg, then reassign LAN to the lagg and then go back, edit the lagg, and add the old physical LAN port. If the lagg is set right on the switch it should be a smooth transition.

  • Thank you very much! It worked. I just needed to unassigned interface before I start LAGG configuration.

    Thanks again.

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