Possible hardware issue with Charters new DOCSIS 3 modems

  • Ok so I've been running my PFsense 2.1 amd64 on a SFF Dell Optiplex 320, with an Intel dual 1gb nic with a BCM5709 chipset successfully for a long damn time now.  I called into Charter for a billing matter and ended up getting a free upgrade to 30mb.  Anyway I received a new Arris TM822 in the mail.. following their limited instructions I swapped the modems out and bounced everything and the nic port bce1 that uplinks to the modem started flapping.

    Trying a separate windows and ubuntu machines, plugged directly into the Arris both worked like a champ.  In a long call with tech support, the tier 1 guy had no real ideas except for going to the nearest location and getting a different mfg modem.  So this AM I did that, was swapped to a Cisco TCM.. something.  Anyway after provisioning the same thing began happening.

    Nothing I have done so far has impacted this.. Since Ubuntu works, Windows works the only thing I can point a finger to is FreeBSD.  The idea I have no is to swap out the nice GB nics with a pair of older 100mb (3C905B and a Linksys LNE100tx)  Unless you gurus have any ideas?

  • If you are connecting directly to the ethernet port on your modem then try forcing speed and duplex on both ends.  It might be an auto-negotiate failure.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you're running a PPPoE connection directly to the pfSense box leaving the parent unassigned or assigned as type 'none' you may have fallen foul of this:
    A bug in which interfaces with no IP address are cycled as though they should have one. It's fixed in 2.1.1 snapshots so perhaps try that.


  • This is a cable connection, so no PPPoE luckily.

    Honestly I believe swapping out the nics is what resolve the whole WAN interface flapping bit.  I did hard-set 100mb/Full Duplex on both nics just in case though.  Also, and I cannot figure out why this changed, but under Routing the GW_WAN did not have Default gateway checked.

    However now I'm having a throughput issue.  I'll start another thread about it.

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