HAProxy - Ajuda com múltiplos sites HTTPS

  • Boa tarde,

    Tenho o HAProxy rodando no meu PFSense redirecionando o trafego HTTP para os servidores da minha empresa normalmente.
    Mas quando tento fazer esse redirecionamento para sites HTTPS dentro da minha empresa, não funciona.
    Alguém já passou por isso?

  • Sorry to answer in English. (google translate if needed, i did  ;) http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=en&tl=pt&u=https%3A%2F%2Fforum.pfsense.org%2Findex.php%3Ftopic%3D73681.0)

    When you need to use SSL and need to do 'smart' things with it you need at least the haproxy-devel package which contains haproxy1.5. As 1.4 does not have any ssl specific options.

    If you want to let haproxy listen on port 443 then you need to configure it with mode 'https' or use 'http' and configure ssl-offloading on the frontend. For the backend again there is a ssl checkbox to tell if the backend is speaking ssl or not.

    If you want to use mode 'https' and let haproxy move the traffic like plain tcp traffic you only have SNI available for making multiple sites available with acl's.
    If you use mode 'http' with ssl offloading, you have all host headers and other acl matching options available. But you need to configure the certificates to use on haproxy config pages(load them first in the certificate manager of pfSense).

    Hope this helps :).

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