Multiple networks behind LAN interface

  • I have PF sense running and its LAN ip address is in the network /22. I have a Cisco router one port sits in the LAN and and another port sits in the WiFi Network. From the WiFi network I cannot access the internet or ping the PF Sense firewall. The PF Sense has a static route to the network. From the PFsense firewall I can ping the Wifi Network interface on the cisco.

    WAN > INTERNET IP PF Sense > LAN > Router > WiFi Net

    Is there a setting on the firewall that is not allowing this traffic?

    From PF Sense I can ping using LAN as source.
    From Router I cannot ping PF Sense ( using the WiFi interface (
    From Router I can ping PF Sense ( using LAN interface (
    From the router I can ping other hosts on the LAN from the WIFI interface.


  • Does the router has a default gateway to the pfsense LAN IP?

  • and does pfSense LAN have a rule that will allow traffic with source ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yep, what Phil said.  :)
    The default LAN rule will block that because the source is outside the LAN subnet so if you haven't changed it or added more rules that traffic won't be allowed.


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