IPsec Tunnel initiates on wrong interface.?

  • Hi there.
    We have a problem with a ipsec tunnel that we have set up on a non WAN interface. (IE not the internet interface).
    We have selected the INTERFACE XXX in the vpn phase 1 settings.
    We have added a route for the the network thats beeing used in the tunnel to the XXX interface just to be sure the traffic gets to the right interface.
    We have routing to the remote peer IP correct to the XXX interface facing router. We can even ping it from the XXX interface.
    But if we tcpdump the XXX interface, nothing happens when we try to bring up the tunnel.
    If we tcpdump on the WAN interface we see the traffic to the remote peer initiates with the source IP of our XXX interface.

    Has anyone a solution on this ?

    Regards Joel

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do both of your WAN interfaces have the same gateway, perhaps?

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