Dell R200 Noise level question

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm just about to get started on a PFSense project and I'm at the hardware selection stage now. I'm wondering about the R200's in the PF store. I really like the hardware config they've got and that they're fully updated and loaded w/ PFSense already. My question concerns the noise.

    Unfortunately, the only place I could find to put the server rack for all the equipment at the site is behind a stage. Therefore, to avoid annoying disturbances of performances, it is paramount that the equipment be quiet. Which unfortunately isn't usually the case with rackmount stuff. I have a pair of Dell C1100s already installed and running there along with a Procurve 2810 switch and nobody notices they're there. My question for R200 owners: How loud is the thing at normal operating levels? How would you compare it to most of the 1U's you've seen before? Or have you heard a C1100 and can give me a direct comparison?

    Thanks a million in advance!

  • They're very noisy when they startup, and if they get warm.

    We have a couple c1100s, I think they're about the same, except on startup.

  • Thanks Gonzo. Finding the R200 fully updated and loaded with 4GB RAM, PFSense, and a hard drive WITH rails for $200 is a steal. The noise was my final question.

    Startup, luckily, is only going to happen rarely. Standard operating levels are what we're concerned with.

    If you think the C1100s and R200s are about the same at operating level, that's great news and is the last piece in the puzzle for us.


    (PS: Would welcome any other thoughts on the matter from R200/C1100 owners.

  • Suspicions confirmed about the R200s. They are pretty stinking quiet. :) In a slightly cool room, they idle down to about the same noise level as the C1100. In my closet with the door half open to allow ventilation, I can hardly even hear them across the room.

    All around great purchase. I've been quite please with them so far.

  • and they're sold out.  :D

  • @gonzopancho:

    and they're sold out.  :D

    Not according to the pfSense store site.

    In stock, ships within one business day.

  • @AhnHEL:


    and they're sold out.  :D

    Not according to the pfSense store site.

    In stock, ships within one business day.

    I'm pretty sure I can walk out to the warehouse and look.  :-)

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