URGENT: 2.1 getting stuck in Reboot/Shutdown process

  • Hi,

    Two different pfSense 2.1 installations are facing the same issue: getting stuck at the same step in the reboot/shutdown process as shown in the attached screenshot.

    We use many USB NIC cards through USB hubs in an Asus eeePC machine as our pf gateway. 2.0.1 used to run very smoothly under same hardware for years with multi-WAN and transparent proxy, etc.

    Please let us know what'll fix this.


  • Just adding that nothing has "triggered" this issue. It is getting stuck right from the first install.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Which pfSense install type are you running?
    How are you trying to reboot/shutdown?
    Have you tried enabling or disabling ACPI?


  • For others' information: this issue auto-solved in 2.2 Alpha, which suggests it might be a driver issue specific to 2.1.x.

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