Traffic Shaping Help (pay request)

  • Hi There!

    for a little background. I just recently bought a 20 complex apartment for cheap. I have been running Tomato firmware and its been good. But recently its not going to well. I decided to switch over to Pfsense but I'm too new to setup this QOS/Trafifc shaipping.

    I need someone to give me a hand how to set it up. I'm willing to pay you up front for help on setting it up close to tomato firmware QOS that was easy to setup.

    please email me or leave a message here.
    thank you

    I just need to get it up and running asap so I wont get complaints.


  • If you get a support contract, they will do all that for you, plus you have someone to turn to if things go south.  My company just picked one up.  It's not expensive if you're responsible for the Internet for the whole building.

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