A new VPN engine in PFsense

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    Just out of curiosity, is there any development being done on a new / more flexible VPN engine for PFsense?

    The current implementation has no support for modern mobile users (Windows/MacOS/Android/IOS) and their builtin VPN clients unless you do a static unflexible IPsec only implementation. I know OpenVPN is the best, but most people would prefer not to install additional VPN clients in Windows/MacOS and just use the builtin L2TP with IPsec encryption client.
    Currently that not possible with PFSense. Will it ever be?

    Other than that I think it would be cool if VPN clients could be added to the internal network (LAN) by being assigned an address on that network (ususally by the allready present DHCP server). Most other VPN implementations offers this as a option, but that's not possible with Pfsense either.

    Does anyone know of work being done on improving either of these flaws?

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  • Hmm, that looks like a fairly dead end…

    Well, i'll have to go with openVPN then.


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