Gateway ip address

  • hi,

    just managed to get adsl 2, so switched pfsense over from the wireless internet access i had (wan was DHCP, isp was INET in aus) to pppoe (wan is pppoe on tpg in aus), had heaps of problems getting pfsense to recognize the default gateway for the isp when switching between pppoe and DHCP. Restarting the pfsense box had the wan interface properly recognizing the gateway and everything started working.

    I was just wondering if this is by fault or design, and for future reference the appropriate way of fixing this without resulting to a restart?

    Also kudos to the pfsense dev team, great product, have been using it for about 12 months now on and off. Pfsense is my preferred firewalling distro after having smacked my head against smoothwall, monowall, IPcop, etc. Thanks for the great stuff.

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