Nat Video problems

  • Hi guys, need help.

    I cant see my cameras on internet, i can join to DVR login,  but i cant see video.

    please help me! … sorry for my english.

  • Sounds as if you are having a port routing issue with the DVR / CCTV setup itself , these ports can be found by accessing the unit locally in the network settings. Many units have different port settings, so please check with your specific unit before adding any port forwards.

    • Make sure though you have a static DHCP reservation to the DVR

    • Insure proper ports are forwarded on the WAN to the static IP reservation

    • There will be at least three ports - that will need forwarded

    • Mobile - many times :15961

    • Server - many times :10000

    • HTTP - generally :80

    By the looks of your screenshots, you should not be natting these ports to  :80 - they should simply be forwarded to the DVR on the same port the unit is setup to accept.

    Just forward the ports from WAN, to the DVR

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