Sarg not displaying reports

  • Dear All ,

    I was wondering if anybody was able to display Sarg Reports through the pfsense ?

    I can find the reports at /usr/local/sarg-reports/  but the only thing that is appearing at the module is the main index .

    Regards ,


  • It appears to be broken for everyone, and Support's position on it is that it's not a supported package.  I know because I asked something similar.  When I asked how a package that is in the pfSense package list could be unsupported and how most users would think it was supported if it's in the list, I didn't get an answer.  Use Sarg for realtime view and Lightsquid for reports.

  • So finally i was able to generate the reports .

    the problem was on configuration ….

    If someone else has the same problem with me ...

    1. On the general tab select only the American or European format . DO NOT SELECT the weekly
    2. On the schedule tab
      You can use the below args …

    -d date +%d/%m/%Y

    -d date -v-1d +%d/%m/%Y

    -d date -v-1w +%d/%m/%Y-date -v-1d +%d/%m/%Y

    -d date -v-1m +01/%m/%Y-date -v-1m +31/%m/%Y

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