DHCP Server with Static IP set on device

  • I have a couple of devices that I am unable to use DHCP on and because of that I cannot statically map them using the DHCP server. When I assign static IPs to the devices that are outside of the DHCP range I still have no connection to the machine via the network at all. Is there something I am missing when setting this up?

  • Can you reach them from another system on the same subnet, connected to the same switch? Hopefully yes- they have a working IP address and netmask.
    To reach them from another subnet across pfSense, they need to have a default gateway specified in their settings.
    If the device does not have anywhere to put a default gateway, then you have to use NAT on pfSense to NAT the computer/s you are coming FROM onto a local IP in the subnet of the device. Then the device will think it is getting a connection from a machine on the local subnet, and can reply to that.

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