Windows machines cannot see each other

  • The network discovery protocol seems to not be working on my LAN after switching from a commercial router running dd wrt to running pfsense. Is there a firewall rule or some other setting I need to implement in order to see other computers under "Network".

    Thanks in advance.

  • Rebel Alliance

    Traffic between hosts on same subnet never reaches/"goes through" the gateway (in your case pfSense LAN)

  • Perhaps you were running samba on your dd-wrt platform?  Even if you were not serving any files stored on your dd-wrt platform, samba may still have been acting as a domain controller (or 'domain master' in earlier terminology?).

    If you still have your old platform, try plugging its LAN port into your switch.  Look around for the samba configuration, analyze it and figure out your next move.  But ptt is right, it's not a pfSense issue; it's local to machines on your LAN.

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