PfBlocker different on 2 installs

  • Hi guys, I've recently installed the package on 2 identical pfsense machines protecting 2 different networks, but the rules show differently on each and I can't see why. They are both brand new installs, restored from a backup that excluded the packages so the packages are also freshly installed on both machines.
    I've added the same Bluetack lists from iblocklist on each PC, and on 1 machine I get the automatically created rules shown below on one WAN, but not the WAN on the other machine. Rules show as expected on both LANs however.

    IPv4* | pfBlockerAdsfrombluetack | port* | dest* | port* | gateway* | queue*

    Any help appreciated please…

  • Ok, just bumping this. OK, should pfBlocker create rules on the WAN side to block incoming and outgoing traffic?

  • In pfSense an interface without any rules is already blocking everything by default. pfBlocker is smart enough to understand this. If an interface (e.g. WAN) has no rules, then pfBlocker does not bother to add block rules.
    Maybe that is the difference between your WANs?

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