MultiWAN + 1:1 NAT…

  • Hi all,

    I have a pfSense firewall with 4 public facing interfaces, and 2 private facing interfaces. Until recently I only had enough public facing services that they were all mapped to IP addresses on WAN1, either through port forward or 1:1 NAT depending on the service. I'm using automatic outbound NAT.

    I now need to add services on the other public interfaces, but am having a problem.

    All attempts to 1:1 NAT on OPT1 have failed. To test:

    Created a VIP with a type of Proxy ARP with the public IP address concerned.
    Created a 1:1 NAT rule to NAT between the public and private addresses using interface OPT1.
    Created a rule #1 on the firewall with the (private) host address, and an any-any-any-allow rule with the routing set to Default.

    I have created no other NAT rules for this host. The result of this is that all outbound connections appear to be from the default address (ie the firewall interface on WAN). The same occurs if I use any of the other OPT interfaces.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Port Forwarding is not an option as connections need to appear to be from a specific IP address.



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