Bandwidthd For Multiple Vlans

  • Hi Pfsense Team.

    Good day.

    Do you know how to setup Bandwidthd for multiple vlans?

    During setup Bandwidthd option is to select  -> The interface that bandwidthd will bind to.

    -> Problem is I can only select 1 interface to bind to.  So I only see bandwidth on a particular subnet only…

    Thank you..

  • help pls..

  • Bandwidthd does not work for multiple VLANs. Unless something has changed in the last one year since I have tried it. It kinda beats it purpose as you can select only 1 connection.

    I myself have 5 VLANs and would love to make use of bandwidthd.

  • Thanks sir for the information. How do you manage to track the bandwidth usage per ip address on other subnet?

    For example
    Wifi /24 -          2mb




    Thank you for the support.

  • Is there other package that support tracking of bandwidth usage for multiple vlan?

    Thank you..

  • any help pls.. thanks,,

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