NO LAN/ WAN on 2.1

  • I need a command to roleback from 2.1 to 2.0.3.

    The WAN and LAN interface no longer shows. I can no longer access the LAN interface.

    Please help!

  • There isn't a command that I know of. Generally the way to roll back is to save the config, then do a fresh install. After that recover the config from backup. If you don't have the config backed up, do so after every change group you do. :)
    Seriously though, if you have access to console, use something like winscp (if you have SSH enabled) to copy out the /cf/conf/config.xml file. Reinstall, I would suggest 2.1. I know your having problems now, but it looks like the upgrade was cut short. Then copy the config.xml back in place and reboot.

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