Squid 3-dev + squidguard issue at restart

  • I am facing a very typical issue with squid3-dev and squidguard ver-3, only when antivirus is applied. I am following the process as mentioned below.

    a. Install pfsense i386 2.1
    b. SSH and copy the lib files for squid3-dev.
    c. Install squid 3-dev (success)
    d. Install squidguard with shallalist (success)
    e. Configure squid for transparent mode and with ssl certificate (self signed)
    f. Configure squidguard and apply (success).
    g. Blocking http/https url (success).
    h. Activate antivirus icap in squid 3-dev and let it download the update. Than change the redirection url for antivirus (success).
    i. Everything works cool with filtering and antivirus.

    But after restart all the services are running , but no filtering and no antivirus scanning happens. Than I have to go to squid3-dev
    page and press save. After 10-15 second all the services start working as they are supposed to do.

    This only happens on restart. I have waited even for an hour but above services doesn't work without pressing the save button in squid-3-dev.

    Please advice if I am following a wrong process or any other resolution for this issue. This problem is so irritating , because we close the setup in night and every morning , we have to repeat the step everyday.

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