PfSense as Amazon EWS initiator (NetGate)

  • I've never worked with pfSense before and now I'm being asked by my boss to get pfSense working as a site-to-site VPN initiator from our Amazon EWS network to our HQ. I've seen some blog posts from others who have configured it in the opposite direction but I'm missing something glaring I'm sure.

    I believe I have everything configured as needed but I'm never seeing the traffic make it to our Meraki MX80 we have @ HQ. Can someone assist? I'm happy to get you copies of any configurations you need. Just remember, I'm a noob with pfSense in this respect. I can tell you that it's using Racoon to try to complete the VPN connections but there may be firewall issues blocking it. Thanks!

    The product we're using from Amazon EWS is called NetGate if you look it up.

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