Multi Switch, VLAN Tagging, HELP!!!!

  • Alright so I have a network that wants to separate their wireless network into 2 networks one for guests that is throttled and one for staff that is basically unlimited.

    I was wondering with I could just tag vlan20 and use the clan feature on extra SSID on each AP that could pull from a different subnet DHCP like 192.168.1.X that way they are separated by subnet and limiting speed would be a piece of cake.

    The network is essentially all internet comes to PFsense then is managed out to 6 switches in total some with fiber uplinks.

  • Yes, pfSense is capable of VLAN for most interfaces. If you create a VLAN20 in pfsense, then you could block access back to the corporate LAN and limit the speed to the internet.

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