Throttling youtube flash video or video streaming

  • hello, i am a newbie.
    I have just installed latest pfsense. it works great.
    I notice most of our bandwidth are used by users watching youtube or like android TV from china sites etc.

    i like to find a way to throttle them instead of blocking it.
    any sample or tutorial will be great. TQVM.

  • Honestly, I think you'd have an easier time using something like Squid to throttle this than you would PFSense. I am actually using Squid to throttle sites like Youtube and it works well and it is fairly easy to setup.

  • What bitrate are you setting for your users so that they aren't complaining?

  • Definitely using squid delay pools should be the way to go from my point of view

  • @josueharos:

    Definitely using squid delay pools should be the way to go from my point of view

    could you please give an sample codes to achieve that. tq.

  • in squid.conf

    if you want to have exception list
    acl free src "/etc/squid/lists/free.lst"

    #Match URL
    acl stream url_regex -i .mp4$
    acl stream url_regex -i .m4a$
    acl stream url_regex -i watch?
    acl stream url_regex -i youtube

    delay_pools 1

    #set class (global)
    delay_class 1 1

    #set pool to 1kb + 100 bytes when inactive
    delay_parameters 1 1000/100

    delay_access 1 allow stream !free

    you can read more

  • Is this perfect for new users ? Actually i'm new here on this platform and i'm gonna see this after some time.

  • Squid is not an effective way to throttle because of HTTPS. You can do it, but it's very insecure and opens you to attacks because you break HTTPS' ability to authenticate sites.

  • @maryjohnston This information is 4 years old, perhaps pfsense's own has improved. Why don't you try the Shaper's Wizard, there is like a 2 pages of setting for commonly want-to throttle items. Select those items, place them in the low-priority queue. BAM! Notice this will throttle all users streaming including you. Save config before doing this so if unhappy, just reload config and you are back where u were.

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