Need help - Total Noob

  • So I wanted to repurpose my old Dell Dimension 8250 into a router, especially since the router I have now (Linksys EA4500) I can do nothing with. The setup I need is Cable Modem > pfSense box > existing router > PC/HTPC/phones/etc.

    I thought I had a good grasp on this, have read many setup guides, but I just can't get it to work. Nothing is really clicking. What settings do I need on my existing router to use it as my LAN/WAP, and how do I configure pfSense?

    Any (dumbed down) guidance would be appreciated :)

  • I would check youtube, I believe there is a guy showing how to setup pfsense. As far a using your existing router as a access point, do the following:

    1. Configure SSID and security of your router
    2. Assign your routers (access point) a address in the same address space as your pfsense box.
        Example would be use for pfsense and on your access point
    3. Turn DHCP off on your access point
    4. Connect pfsense Lan port to one of the switch ports on your access point. (Don't connect it to your internet port)

    Follow the instructions above and you should be all good.

  • Thanks!!  I got internet working, and it seems to pass through the router (now switch) via Ethernet, but still can't use it as an AP. Trying to figure it out still.

    EDIT: Enabled DHCP server on pfSense and all is well in the land (home network)! Networking is not my forte.

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