Smooth migration process

  • Over the past few years, I've tried pfSense a few times and it has steadily gotten better each time.  Several months back, I used it for a month or three and explored the various packages.  Eventually, I decided that I could do without packages and I returned to running Monowall on my Soekris (instead of running pfSense from an old PC).

    Tonight, I decided to swap back to pfSense for uPNP.  First, I saved the latest copy of my Monowall config to have as a reference.  I loaded the embedded image on a spare CF card, swapped it into my Soekris, then booted up and logged in.  I decided to try loading my Monowall config and was surprised that not only did it allow me to do that, pfSense recognized it as a Monowall config and upgraded it to pfSense. After that, all I had to do was run through the traffic shape wizard and set up uPNP…

    Everything seems to be working just fine.

    The ability to upgrade the config saved me probably 30-45 minutes or so of looking at my old config file and manually adding the rules and configuring the rest of the services I use.

    Thanks so much for this...  Very nice touch!

  • Hey, great, glad to hear it!!

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